the man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.See how hate, anger, arrogance, rage and  fury, and a burning desire to rule the world, led this man to Murder a quarter of the world.  

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 the man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.


Price per Book: £9.99 Soft Cover, plus a small postage of £0.80,  Mainland Britain only. (Book will be Signed by the Author: Ira J-Ira)  Postage covers  Mainland Britain only. For the rest of the world, please go to the Publisher’s Site. Click here

Discover the truth of the dysfunctionality of his family, and the “Shocking” truth of his descendants. You’ll be Amazed at this Best Kept Secret that is now revealed in this Book

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Title: The Man Who Murdered a Quarter of the World’s Population.
Indeed, the work seems almost prophetic and the ideas will follow you into Modern evils, such as the evils of the entire modern entertainment culture…

This is a book in which Christians and Muslims…and any other religions….. and those who profess no religion, could find common ground, as well as other religions that promote peace and understanding above all other dogmatic concepts…. 

This “Man” is read about in many languages, nationalities and peoples of the world, but curiously, the world is not conscious of the fact that he has “Murdered” a quarter of the world.  He has been kept hidden in the Blaring light of history; Until now!

“After losing the crown that should have been his to his younger brother, anger, rage and fury welled up in his heart. ‘My younger brother must be eliminated.’”
Designed to help us consider our own natural gifts and gratefully tend our earthly garden, J-Ira’s book could attract a following among eco-conscious people of faith.

  • This Book is suitable for Muslims, Christians and all other Religious denominations, and those who profess no-Religion.  Yes, he was filled with:
  • Anger…His anger was generated because his family did not honor the terms of their tenancy, they were given a well furnished and clean home in which to live, but they did not mantained that cleanliness.  They were ejected from their beautiful home.
  • Hatred against the Authority because he demoted him. backs.  He could have had it all, but instead,  he lost it all through hate, and that hate made him envious seeing the great honor which was now being enjoyed by his successor.
  • Envy ….He became envious of his successor.
  • Power…Consumed by the power to rule the world, he lost the mental ability to distinguish right from wrong and became very arrogant.
  • Arrogance, …He did not give honor to Authority, he did not care about the welfare of those he wanted to rule over,
  • Murder … Yes, murder was the result of his: Arrogance, Power, Envy, Hate and Anger.

This man has been kept hidden in the “Blaring Light” of history: Until now!.  You’ll be amazed.  Take action Now and discover The Man.

As you read this Book, you will be:

      • Challenged …..  by possibly long-held beliefs.
      • Surprised, ……  by the actions of his descendants.
      • Religion,   …….  has played its part in the World arena.
      • Politics,    …….. why it has failed in it’s best efforts to solve world’s problems.
      • Hope,   …………. beyond the Darkness, there is hope of a shining future.

Price per Book: £9.99, Soft Cover; plus a small charge of £.80  for Postage, and Signed by the Author: Ira J-Ira,  ( Postage to mainland Britain only) For the rest of the world, please go to the Publisher’s Site. Click here