the man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.See how hate, anger, arrogance, rage and  fury, and burning desire to rule the world, lead this man to Murder a quarter of the world’s population  

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  •  the man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.Yethe man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.

Discover the truth of the dysfunctionality of his family, and the “Shocking” truth of his descendants. You’ll be Amazed at this Best Kept Secret that is now revealed in this Book

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Title: The Man Who Murdered a Quarter of the World’s Population: Factual: It Did Happen
Author: Ira J-Ira
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1-5246-6730-6
Pages: 114
Genre: Religion
Reviewed by: CC Thomas
Pacific Book Review.

“Author Ira J-Ira starts this book with a riddle, one that had this reader perplexed. While I felt I might have known the answer, I soon discovered I was wrong, to my amusement.
The point of the riddle serves as a gentle entry into more serious topics. The discussion that follows is not one of amusement, but one of a call to attention for a change in lifestyle and thinking. 

J-Ira uses this book to advocate for peace by pointing out the violent and hostile world that we all live in, regardless of religious affiliation or geographical location. J-Ira shows  the role that religion has played in past violent incidents and indicates that most violence can be attributed to religious causes.  J-Ira’s main point is how misunderstandings of religious doctrine have corrupted society and social customs.  Religious standards, when allowed to be individually interpreted, can change according to personal moral and ethical standards. Violence isn’t the only issue discussed, in terms of how we, as a society, have lost our way. There are so many political examples with current relevant connections, especially considering the recent American election.  Indeed, the work seems almost prophetic and the ideas will follow you into your daily life as you watch the news—local, national, or global.

So, is this an anti-religious book? Certainly not! The book touches on themes from all walks of life and isn’t meant to be a discouragement for believers. Rather, it is a call to action for believers of any faith. The book also gives instructions, as parents, on how to raise your children in authority and with authority. The lessons imparted are through the
retelling of biblical stories with a spin on the comprehension connection to modern ideas. Modern evils are substituted for biblical evils, such as the evil of modern entertainment and the entire entertainment culture.

In The Man Who Murdered a Quarter of the World’s Population, there is no
encouragement for one certain religion. While most of the violence in the world is attributed to religious causes, any one religion is not blamed by J-Ira. Rather, the commonality among all religions means not one can be blamed in exclusivity.

This is a book in which Christians and Muslims could find common ground, as well as other religions that promote peace and understanding above all other dogmatic concepts. The stories included follow the chronological downfall of man and hearken back to biblical figures. It is easy to draw connections that show modern society emulating the same spirit of hatred and selfishness so common in the Old Testament and has the same spirit of violence. In summary, the book is an appeal to a return to pure biblical
perspectives. It’s a call to the return to a better and simpler way of life, an Old Testament style of faith and way of living in a changing new world”.

This “Man” is read about in many languages, nationalities and peoples of the world, but curiously, the world is not conscious of the fact that  he has “Murdered” a quarter of the world.  He has been kept  hidden in the Blaring light of history; until now.


The Man Who Murdered a Quarter of the World’s Population – Factual – It Did Happen
by Ira J-Ira

Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“After losing the crown that should have been his to his younger brother, anger, rage and fury welled up in his heart. ‘My younger brother must be eliminated.’”
The title of this book is a teaser purposely designed to make us think: who is this mass murderer, and why have we never heard of him before? The answer comes slowly and gradually, as the author, Ira J-Ira has designed it: a farmer and his wife disobeyed their landlord and lost their land; and their son, seized by jealousy, murdered his brother. Of course, this is the Biblical tale of Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel. For those who take the Biblical time frame literally, Cain was guilty of committing the first murder. He did not receive the death penalty for his sin, but was banished. Married, it is suggested, to a sister, he restlessly roamed the wilderness. His real sin, the author states, was lack of respect and gratitude towards “the authority” that had blessed his family. The author draws a strong parallel between Cain’s willfulness and the ego of modern people who believe they know better than their creator how to manage the natural bounty of the earth: “his children have not learned…they cannot solve the problems they themselves have created.”

The author, about whom little information is offered, writes in a plain, spare way that engages the reader with his sincerity. He draws on various pieces of the Biblical story to prove his thesis: Cain was a destroyer of one quarter of the human population of his time and he and his heirs did very little to atone for this sin. His scripture-based comparison of Cain and his offspring to current generations, who often seem to worship technology rather than their creator, is rational and thought provoking.

Designed to help us consider our own natural gifts and gratefully tend our earthly garden, J-Ira’s book could attract a following among eco-conscious people of faith.



  • This Book is suitable for: Muslims, Christians and all other Religious denominations, and those who profess no-Religion.  Yes, he was filled with:
  • Anger…His anger was generated because his family did not honour the terms of their tenancy, they were given a well furnished and clean home in which to live, but they did not maintained that cleanliness.  They were ejected from their beautiful home and given accommodation which was rather less accommodating.  They did not moved very far from their original abode and was able to see and view the beauty of what was lost to them; he  became angry at the owner of the estate who had given them the farm for turning them out of their farm, because of his anger, he lost the favour of their benefactor; the one he should honour and love, he lost his position, and rebellion  became the natural ally to his anger, he was so blinded by his attitude that he lost respect for not only his family, but this anger spilled over to include anyone he thought might have been culpable in the disfavour shown to him by the Authority; the estate owner.
  • His anger now turned to hatred against the Authority because he demoted him, this hate  was now dited toward the preferred successor, but his anger and hate was disguised-fiendishly as “brotherly love” His successor, having a pure heart and mind, could not see or detect what was coming-Murder.  His successor was viewed as an usurper and a thief, a plot was hatched in his mind, “How could I find way in which I could topple this usurper from the position that is now promised to him and gain back the position that should be mine!”  From then on he walked with a knife, at a family conference the knife was concealed; just as in these international  summits and peace conferences, they all speak peace, but each have a knife behind their back, whether it’s a military knife or an economic knife of an embargo knife, hidden behind their backs.  He could have had it all, but instead,  he lost it all through hate, and that hate made him envious seeing the great honour which was now being enjoyed by his successor.
  • Envy ….He became envious against his successor.  He wondered, how can I regain the position that was mine for the taking! The only way possible, was to murder the one that stands in my way, he thought, from that moment murder was set in his heart, the authority and control that power gives consumed his every waking moment, his sleep was interrupted hours                          
  • Power…Consumed by the power to rule the world, he lost the mental ability to distinguish  wright  from wrong, and became very arrogant.
  • Arrogance, …He did not give honour to Authority, he did not care about the welfare of those he wanted to rule over, but trample under-foot any that he thinks deserving of his brutality.
  • Murder … Yes, murder was outcome of his: Arrogance, Power, Envy, Hate and Anger.

This man has been kept hidden in the “Blaring Light” of history: Until now!.  You’ll be amazed.  Take action Now and discover The Man.

As you read this Book, you will be:

      • Challenged …..  by possibly long held beliefs.
      • Surprised, ……  by the actions of his descendants.
      • Religion,   …….  has played it’s part in the World arena.
      • Politics ,    …….. why it has failed in it’s best efforts to solve world’s problems.
      • Hope,   …………. beyond the Darkness, there is hope of a shining future.

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the man who murdered a quarter of the world\'s population9781524667313_pap-3D-copy-240x300 Home.